Scream 6: Courteney Cox On Neve Campbell’s Exit

Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers - Scream 6.

Courteney Cox has shared her thoughts on Neve Campbell’s absence from Scream 6, which debuts in cinemas on March 10. “I’m going to support whatever she feels is right,” the Friends actress revealed in an interview with Variety. Campbell’s absence from the film is notable since previously appearing in every instalment of the horror franchise, … Read more

Scream 6 Leak: Ghostface Asks Fans Not To Spoil The Film

Scream 6.

Ghostface, the antagonist of the Scream franchise, has reached out to fans of the franchise on social media to urge them not to share spoilers following reports that Scream 6 plot details had leaked online, courtesy of a report from The A.V Club. “Dear Scream friends, as opening day approaches, we’d like to ask you a small favor,” the official Ghostface Twitter … Read more

Cloverfield At 15: The Monster’s Origins Outlined

Cloverfield - The Statue of Liberty's Head.

Matt Reeves has opened up on why the giant monster attacked New York City in the 2008 found-footage film Cloverfield. To commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of the film’s release (January 18, 2008), Reeves told Syfy that an entire backstory had been outlined for the creature. “For sure we did,” Reeves said. “Because you have to figure how to … Read more

Tom Cruise’s Ramp Jump Hailed As Biggest In Cinema History

Mission Impossible 7's Bike Stunt.

Next year, Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part One will land in cinemas and deliver arguably one of the biggest cinematic stunts realised on the silver screen. The studio behind the film has now revealed a nine-minute behind-the-scenes clip detailing how the stunt went from a concept to a death-defying reality. Fair warning, for those with a … Read more

Mission Impossible 8: Nick Offerman & Janet McTeer Join Cast

Mission Impossible 7.

Mission Impossible 8 – better known by its official title Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 2, has added two new cast members to its roster. In a Twitter post marking the 200th episode of the Light the Fuse Podcast, director Christopher McQuarrie confirmed that Nick Offerman, best known for playing Ron Swanson in NBC’s Parks and … Read more

Mission Impossible 7 Gets A First Trailer

Mission Impossible 7.

Mission: Impossible 7, otherwise known as Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part One), has a trailer – and it promises to be the biggest in the series yet. Without breaking tradition – we need to dissect what the trailer delivers – and that would be a lot. The story remains under wraps, and the only line … Read more

Mission Impossible 7 Gets A Title And CinemaCon Trailer

Mission Impossible.

Mission Impossible 7 has a title, and there’s even a trailer. The seventh film in the long-running spy series will be titled Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part 1. The announcement was made during Paramount’s CinemaCon event on Thursday (April 28), courtesy of a report from Deadline.  Cruise was unable to attend the event in person, … Read more

 First Look at CG Clifford – He Sure Is a Big Red Dog

 First Look at CG Clifford - He Sure Is a Big Red Dog

Paramount Pictures has provided fans with their first look at the titular star of their upcoming film Clifford The Big Red Dog. The short preview mostly focuses on Clifford, a CG creation who will appear alongside live action actors in the upcoming film. Creating classic characters in CG is a difficult task – past efforts … Read more

The Next Mission Impossible 7 Stunt Involves A Bike And Ramp

The Next Mission Impossible 7 Stunt Involves A Bike And Ramp

With every film in the Mission Impossible franchise, the action set-pieces become more daring, more audacious, and more death-defying. The set-pieces include planes, the Burj Khalifa, and most recently, a high-speed bike chase circling the Arc de Triomphe, (not to mention the fact Tom Cruise was heading the wrong way into opposing traffic). With the … Read more