Scream VI Directors Auditioned Everyone For The Ghostface Role

Spoilers will be discussed for Scream VI.

We all understand how tricky it can be to navigate online without catching a glimpse of a spoiler from an upcoming Marvel film or to find out prematurely who dies in the finale of your favourite TV show. This is more often than not the case for the writer behind the Scream series. Following the success of the 1996 original, multiple drafts of the script for Scream 2 were purposefully leaked online to reduce the risk of spoilers being shared.

The newly-released Scream VI fell foul to a similar leak before the release date, but the directors found a way to evade a potential crisis. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, who helmed the new film and last year’s Scream V, decided to have every actor in the film read a Ghostface speech. “When we’re casting those roles specifically, they read sides for their character and then everyone that we cast read a monologue, a Ghostface monologue,” Gillet explained in an interview with Collider.

Scream VI.
Ghostface – Scream VI. (Pic: Spyglass).

“Part of it is to throw the cast off the scent because you can’t cast the killer specifically because if you’re auditioning multiple people then multiple people know the ending of the movie and it becomes a whole tangled mess. They all read Amber’s monologue from Scream 5 in addition to their scenes. Josh Segarra’s Ghostface was so fucking awesome.”

After being offered the role of Detective Bailey, Dermot Mulroney was informed that he would play a killer in the film. Scream VI producer, Chad Villela, explained that Jack Champion and Liana Liberato, revealed as Mulroney’s children and accomplices, did not receive the script’s third act until their costume fittings. Villela said they “brought out the Ghostface robe and a mask so they could try it on for the first time. That’s how they found out.”

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