Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving Has A Darkly Festive First Trailer


The first trailer for Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving has dropped online, and as teasers go, this one is almost certain to put you off your Christmas turkeys. Inspired by a fake trailer from Roth during the Grindhouse Double Feature in 2007, Thanksgiving is now a fully-realised feature-length film (H/T Bloody Disgusting). “After a Black Friday riot ends in tragedy, a mysterious … Read more

Disney Plus Take Steps To Crack Down On Password-Sharing

Disney Plus.

Disney Plus will enforce a password-sharing scheme to crack down on subscribers from sharing their accounts with others outside of their “primary location.” In a report by IGN, a new service agreement was released to subscribers living in Canada, the only territory at this stage to be affected by the update. “Unless otherwise permitted by … Read more

The Marvels Will Be The Shortest MCU Film Ever Made

Carol Danvers - The Marvels.

The Marvels will be the shortest film in the MCU. Running in at 1 hour and 45 minutes (a little longer in runtime than Venom: Let There Be Carnage), The Marvels will still wrap up sooner than the previous shortest MCU films, The Incredible Hulk and Thor: The Dark World. The two films clocked in equally at 112 minutes, an extra seven … Read more

Rick and Morty Creator Had Talks About Making A Movie

Rick and Morty Season 7.

Dan Harmon has been in conversation with Warner Bros about developing a film adaptation of Rick and Morty. Before the WGA strike, it was reported (H/T The Hollywood Reporter) that Harmon had had “a serious conversation” with Warner Bros over the prospect of a full-length Rick and Morty film. “I’d have to check with my accountant, but … Read more

A Bidding War Begins For The Halloween Franchise

Halloween Kills.

Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky, Pinhead…, they all share one commonality: they always come back, no matter how many times they die. Case in point is Michael Myers, the eponymous masked killer who has stalked the streets of Haddonfield for the past forty years in the Halloween franchise. Myers, known as ‘the Shape,’ is set … Read more

Tarantino’s Last Film Might Feature John Travolta

John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson.

Quentin Tarantino might be about to cast John Travolta in his tenth and final film, The Movie Critic, following claims from an entertainment insider on social media. “I hear Tarantino is saving a role in his final film THE MOVIE CRITIC for two of his former leading men. Here’s one of them…” said Jeff Sneider with … Read more

Paranormal Activity – The West End Production

Paranormal Activity.

Grease, Pretty Woman, Wicked!, Back to the Future, Frozen, Cabaret, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Hamilton – the list of must-see West End shows goes on and on. Now, we might be about to add another to the list. Believe it or not, Paranormal Activity is about to receive the West End makeover treatment. Courtesy of a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Simon Friend, … Read more