The First Omen Review – A First Attempt That Promises A Bright Future

We live in an era right now where every somewhat notable horror movie from the past needs to get a legacy sequel of some sort. And I know this trend isn’t exclusive to the horror genre, but where else would you get a masterpiece like The Exorcist: Believer? David Gordon Green is really delivering the … Read more

5 Classic Movies To Watch In 2024

Classic Movies

A good film, like any piece of art, is timeless. Its story, characters, themes, and performances have the ability to transcend time. It can not only be enjoyed and resonate emotionally, but also be actively relevant, irrespective of the calendar year. Even though the technology surrounding filmmaking is constantly evolving, and the industry has grown … Read more

We’re All Gonna Die Review – A Golden Spike

If you were on the Internet in the late 2000s/early 2010s, you’ve likely run into Freddie Wong before. Past his own wildly popular YouTube channel back in the day, Wong is the architect of Rocket Jump’s acclaimed short films, the TV Shows Video Game High School and Anime Crimes Division, the comedy writing podcast Story … Read more

3 Reasons Why Dragon Ball Z Is So Difficult To Translate To Live-Action

dbz thumbnail

As a lifelong Dragon Ball fan, you can imagine how distraught I was when hearing the tragic news of Akira Toriyama’s sudden passing last month. The news struck fans across the globe, with millions taking to comment sections, forums, and anywhere else around the inter-webs to share their personal stories of just how much the … Read more

Lily Gladstone & The Infuriating (Yet Unsurprising) Snubs By The Oscars

spiderverse/killers of the flower moon

When the clock hit 7:00pm EST on March 10th, 2024, marking the time that the 96th Academy Awards were about to commence, my wife and I made the gametime decision to not endure the next four-or-so hours watching Jimmy Kimmel being his ever-so bland self, while also inevitably fuming at many of the winners of … Read more

How OpenAI’s “Sora” Affects The Future of Filmmaking


Last month, the creators of ChatGPT, OpenAI, announced their next big project in artificial intelligence. Titled “Sora,” the program is a text-to-video generation model that is capable of outputting short videos from a basic one or two line prompt. The results, at least the ones OpenAI chose to present, are shockingly accurate if not outright … Read more

Questioning The “Miscasting” Of Pedro Pascal As Mr. Fantastic

Pedro Pascal as Mr. Fantastic. Image: Reddit u/JustRalphyyy

A couple weeks ago, via a post on X, Marvel Studios shared the quartet of actors that will be donning the classic blue costumes of the beloved “First Family” in their upcoming Fantastic Four film, which is slated to release in the summer of next year. The post, which was uploaded on Valentine’s Day, was … Read more

Review: Netflix’s Avatar The Last Airbender – At Least It’s Better Than The Movie

I had the amazingly good fortune as an 11 year old boy to be seated in front of the television in our basement on February 21, 2005, for the long-awaited premiere of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Over the past few months, the ads for the new fantasy series had played on Nickelodeon, over and over, … Read more