First Look at CG Clifford – He Sure Is a Big Red Dog

Paramount Pictures has provided fans with their first look at the titular star of their upcoming film Clifford The Big Red Dog. The short preview mostly focuses on Clifford, a CG creation who will appear alongside live action actors in the upcoming film.

Creating classic characters in CG is a difficult task – past efforts such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Paddington Bear have been considered “creepy” or “uncomfortable” by fans. Currently, the version of Clifford seen in this preview has received a mixed reception. Some fans have praised the preview’s rather literal interpretation of the character – many comments on YouTube say something along the lines of “he sure is a big red dog” – and the film’s acknowledgment of the character as a Labrador, while others feel that Clifford should appear more cartoon-like, similar to how he was originally illustrated and animated.

Of course, with the film still several months away from release, it is possible that CG Clifford might receive a makeover, similar to Sonic the Hedgehog following negative fan response. Currently, Clifford the Big Red Dog is scheduled to release on November 5, 2021.

The Clifford film will cover the titular canine’s early days, when he is adopted as a puppy by Emily Elizabeth (Darby Camp) and suddenly grows to enormous size. Emily Elizabeth is accompanied by a new character, her uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) as they travel around New York City on the run from a greedy genetics company which has become interested in Clifford. According to the film’s official summary, during their adventures Clifford “affects the lives of everyone around him and teaches Emily and her uncle the true meaning of acceptance and unconditional love.”

What do you think about CG Clifford? Do you think he works as-is, or do you think he needs a redesign? Let us know!


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