AMC Drops An Extended Promo For The Walking Dead Season 11

An official promo called “Paths” for The Walking Dead Season 11 has been unveiled, and it’s a good one. We catch glimpses of Alexandria’s iconic windmill, what remains of Hilltop following the Whisperer War, Michael James Shaw looking distinctly red in his Commonwealth gear, and a large band of Reapers armed to the teeth with some rather brutal weaponry. We even see our first glimpse of Connie who was last seen during “A Certain Doom”, the tenth season’s original season finale, pre-pandemic.

By the looks of things, it won’t be long to wait until this new group beckons for blood at the gates of Alexandria, while those at Hilltop can be seen fighting the walkers, and the undead leaving a body count in their wake. 

Negan can be heard toward the end of the promo suggesting the only way they can survive together is to trust each other, and we’re all aware of the brewing tensions between the former Savior head honcho and Maggie. The final shot is of Maggie bearing down on someone with a gun. What are the chances the person staring down that barrel is Negan? 

With the final season less than a month away from debuting on AMC, there are some intriguing times ahead for the group, including the impending arrival of the Reapers and later, the Commonwealth, the last major story arc from the comic book source material. We see little of them in the trailer, but rest assured, Season 11 of The Walking Dead will span over two years, 24 episodes, and three instalments of eight, making a “trilogy” season. 

If you want to set your teeth into some of The Walking Dead’s finest moments of the last ten seasons, and you have a Disney+ subscription, you can. All ten seasons, that’s 153 episodes in total, are available to stream on Disney+ via their Star Range. 

The Walking Dead will be returning next month, airing from August 22 on AMC. 

Matt Bailey

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