A New Comic-Con Trailer Drops For The Walking Dead Season 11

The first official full-length trailer for The Walking Dead Season 11 has been released, and there are dark times ahead for all concerned in AMC’s horror drama. With so much to break down and discuss, it’s hard to know where to start.

Let’s kick off with Negan and Maggie’s relationship which appears to be remaining on thin ice, and in fact, it appears that the ice may be beginning to crack. As previously reported by Flickluster, a particular shot from the previous promo revealed Maggie holding a weapon at somebody unseen. No surprise, it’s Negan. In this new footage, Maggie declares to the former Savior leader that she’s not the same woman who survived his bloody onslaught from back in Season 7. She delivers a loaded threat, and with no pun intended, Maggie looks perilously close to pulling the trigger if Negan, as she describes it, keeps pushing her.

Elsewhere, we get a more fleshed-out look at the Reapers. Reminiscent to the Wolves from Season 6, the Reapers can be seen stalking through dark woodland en masse, armed to the teeth with some vicious-looking weaponry, and with one simple purpose, to kill. Much like the Wolves, the Reapers also have no direct comic book counterpart. In fact with the Reapers, there is no obvious parallel at all, so we cannot even begin to speculate who they are and what lies ahead.

The trailer teases what will likely be one of several violent showdowns with these militaristic oppressors, who previously hunted Maggie’s group in Season 10’s “Home Sweet Home”. At another point in the trailer, a voice can be heard saying, rather chillingly, that “these people won’t stop”.

The Walking Dead returns with a two-parter, “Acheron”, on August 22 in the US for its first run of eight episodes on AMC, arriving on Disney Plus in the UK a day later on August 23. The final season will consist of an extended 24 episodes. The second half of the season is due to debut sometime in 2022. 

Matt Bailey

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