The Walking Dead: The Book Of Carol, Rick Teaser and Daryl Dixon Season 2

Rick - The Walking Dead - The Ones Who Live.

Spoilers from the latest episode of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will be discussed herein.   Melissa McBride will reprise her role in The Walking Dead universe with the second chapter of the Daryl Dixon spin-off. Her involvement in the series will be significant since the series has been titled The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – The Book of Carol.  “I’ve known there … Read more

Daryl Dixon Spin-Off – The Return Of [Spoiler] Discussed

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

Spoilers from the latest episode of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will be discussed herein.   The latest episode of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon featured the return of a fan favourite character from the parent series – Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), or more to the point, her voice over a radio. A teasing communique further revealed that someone … Read more

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Is The Biggest Premiere On AMC+

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is the biggest premiere on AMC+. The Parisian spin-off is on a further course to becoming the most-viewed season of any television show on the streamer.  Episode 4 of the spin-off hit a total viewership of 1.1 million viewers in the Nielsen Live+3 ratings. The episode reached 392,000 in a … Read more

Breaking Bad Creator “Had No Clue” What To Do With Walt’s M60

Bryan Cranston.

If you’ve watched Breaking Bad, you’ll know the scene the title above alludes to. The crime drama aired its series finale more than a decade ago (September 29, 2013 – if you can believe it), receiving critical acclaim from critics and audiences. The final product was a brilliant, bittersweet, and hugely satisfying finale.  Walt’s final act … Read more

Vince Gilligan Might One Day Return To Breaking Bad – Might…

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

On September 29, 2013, Breaking Bad aired its series finale, bringing what critics and audiences considered one of the greatest television shows ever created to an end. One decade (and six days later), Vince Gilligan has closed the door on the Breaking Bad universe for good, and has since dived into his latest project, a sci-fi, Twilight Zone-styled concept. The project … Read more

Fear The Walking Dead Director On Madison’s “Full Circle” Story

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark - Fear the Walking Dead - Season 8B.

Fear the Walking Dead is about to end, and Michael E. Satrazemis, a mainstay director with the spin-off and the parent series, The Walking Dead, has teased what audiences can expect from the final six episodes. Chief among which, Satrazemis says, attention will shift to Madison, the matriarch of the Clark family first introduced in Season 1. … Read more

The First Reviews Of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Are Highly Positive

Norman Reedus.

Fan reviews for The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon are coming in thick and fast, and you only need to look as far as The Walking Dead subreddit to find critical opinion is overwhelmingly positive. One Reddit user said the spin-off, set in a post-pandemic Paris, was “the best the universe has been since Season 3 of Fear. It reminds … Read more

Are Daryl Dixon And The Last Of Us The Same Series?

Norman Reedus and Louis Puech Scigliuzzi.

Daryl Dixon, a hardened survivor of the apocalypse, travels with a child across a post-pandemic landscape, fighting threats of the infected and human variety. The child is considered an invaluable source to the future humanity, and Daryl is entrusted with delivering them to a mysterious location to aid in this task. If this sounds familiar, … Read more

Daryl Dixon Is The Walking Dead’s Mad Max – Says Greg Nicotero

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

Mad Daryl. It might not have the same ring as the eponymous road warrior. However, it can be guaranteed that Norman Reedus, who reprises his mainstay role as Daryl Dixon, will hit the ground running with his latest post-pandemic project. Greg Nicotero, a veteran makeup designer for pretty much anything to feature a zombie, believes … Read more