New Titles For The Walking Dead Season 11 Revealed

With the final season of The Walking Dead set to air in August, AMC has revealed the titles for the first eight episodes, including a two-parter to open the show’s eleventh season. The opening two-parter, Acheron, will be followed by six standalone episodes. For the full rundown of 11A’s episodes in its entirety, read on below:

These first eight episodes are due to air from August 22 on AMC, the first of three instalments making up a “final season trilogy”. 

Ep 1101 – Acheron: Part I

Ep 1102 – Acheron: Part II

Ep 1103 – Hunted 

Ep 1104 – Rendition

Ep 1105 – Out of the Ashes

Ep 1106 – On The Inside 

Ep 1107 – Promises Broken

Ep 1108 – For Blood

While these titles offer little in the way of plot, some of them do sound particularly grisly, if we consider the impending arrival of the Reapers first revealed at the end of Season 10, as well as an exclusive image of Alexandria’s windmill looking a lot worse for wear as filming for the final season commenced in February. 

Considered to be one of AMC’s most successful dramas of all time, The Walking Dead’s extended universe will run beyond the parent show’s end date in 2022. Most notably, Fear The Walking Dead is now well into its sixth season. A spin-off focusing on Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Melissa McBride (Carol) is also in development. 

Elsewhere, there’s The Walking Dead: World Beyond, an anthology series and soon enough, a trilogy of films featuring Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes. Once the parent series ends, it seems that there will still be plenty to satisfy fans’ hunger! The Walking Dead will return on August 22, 2021. 

For those hoping to catch up before August with a Disney+ subscription, the complete series of The Walking Dead is set to land on Disney+ as part of the Star Range from July 2. That’s 153 episodes to binge. 

Matt Bailey

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