Dexter’s Secret Alias Is Revealed In A New Revival Trailer

An exclusive new teaser trailer for Dexter’s forthcoming revival reveals that Michael C.Hall’s titular serial killer is now living under a new identity since the events of Season 8. As a callback to Jeff Lindsay, the author of the original Dexter works, Dexter Morgan assumes the alias of Jim Lindsay, an ordinary, apparently well-loved member of a community in Oregon. 

The teaser, titled ‘Around Town’ establishes the former blood spatter analyst Jim Lindsay as someone well-known to its townsfolk, from shop owners to college students, all of whom remain unaware of Dexter’s dark back story. He’s even carrying what looks like a brown leather storage kit, potentially for his murder tools. 

This is until Dexter looks at a collection of knives in a shop window, and we hear a haunting breath as the screen cuts to black before revealing the show’s title card. The innocent façade of an average working man Dexter has created in ‘Jim Lindsay’ is in all probability set to crumble very soon. 

Following the show’s highly divisive finale back in 2013, the revival season looks set to repair the damage left behind after Season 8’s ‘Remember The Monsters’. Michael C. Hall recently described the limited-ten-episode series as a story “worth telling”, adding that “enough time has passed where it’s become intriguing in a way that it wasn’t before…”

Last month, Showtime revealed a teaser trailer titled ‘Misunderstood’. Opening on the snow-laden landscape of Oregon, Hall is revealed inside a cabin with a new victim wrapped in plastic to a table in the reflection of the cabin window. 

A release date isn’t set for the Dexter revival series but will run for 10 episodes and feature Clancy Brown as the show’s lead antagonist. The production team behind Dexter is made up of Showtime and executive producers Phillips, Hall, John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Bill Carraro, and Scott Reynolds.

Matt Bailey

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