The Walking Dead Will Debut On Disney Plus From July 2

Good news for fans of The Walking Dead with a Disney Plus subscription, the complete series of The Walking Dead will be arriving on Disney Plus as part of its exclusive Star Range. Best of all, the eleventh and final season of the show will debut on Disney Plus when it airs later in the year. 

For those keen to catch up in time for Season 11, they now have the chance to binge all 153 episodes of AMC’s horror drama from July 2. That’s ten seasons in roughly six to seven weeks. It can be done.

The final season of The Walking Dead, which consists of a mega 24 episodes, will premiere in the US from August 22, before arriving on Disney Plus in the UK a day later on August 23. The second half of the season is due to debut in 2022. 

Considered to be one of AMC’s most successful dramas of all time, The Walking Dead’s extended universe will run beyond the parent show’s end date in 2022. Most notably, Fear The Walking Dead is now well into its sixth season and doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. A spin-off focusing on Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Melissa McBride (Carol) is also in development. 

Also in development is The Walking Dead: World Beyond, an anthology series and soon enough, a trilogy of films featuring Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, recently opened up about what the future holds for the show, speaking about the final season.

“I have had some vague conversations with Scott [Gimple] and Angela about the direction and how things are going to wrap up, and what aspects of the comic they may or may not be using.” Kirkman says, who handed creative control of The Walking Dead to Angela Kang and her team since wrapping the comic books in 2019.

Kirkman added that he was “very excited to see what Angela does and I’m very confident that she’s gonna do something amazing because that’s what she does.”

Matt Bailey

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