A Second Clip From The Walking Dead Season 11 Is Revealed

The second preview into an episode of The Walking Dead’s eleventh and final season has been revealed. This short clip is a particularly grisly one, featuring a mass graveyard of walkers wrapped in body bags. In terms of context, it’s unclear what has happened to these people, but the scene itself appears connected to another preview teased last week, featuring Daryl exploring a gloomy tunnel. 

The clip revealed menacing warning signs on walls, an abandoned survivor shelter, and a painted shrine of Washington DC. By the looks of things, this new preview is lifted from the same sequence of events. Maggie is asked whether or not the Reapers are responsible for the body-bagged walkers, a vicious new group who’d been hunting her group during the extended run of Season 10 episodes. Maggie suggests the Reapers are not responsible. 

Take a look at the short preview below.

As for our group, we’ve got both Negan and Maggie apparently on talking terms, despite the dark history shared after Glenn’s demise. Negan is wary going forward, while Maggie is intent on pushing on and taking out the masses of concealed undead one by one. As is often the way with The Walking Dead, something’s bound to go wrong, surely?

The first story of the season, entitled “Acheron”, will be split into two parts, a first for The Walking Dead since its launch in 2010. The titles for the opening eight episodes were recently confirmed, as reported by FlickLuster. A recent trailer titled “Who Will You Become”, revealed a sneak peek of Michael James Shaw as Mercer, the leader of the Commonwealth, a massive community of survivors, and the final major arc from the comic book source material. 

The Walking Dead will be returning next month for its eleventh and final season, with the first of three instalments, known more commonly as a “trilogy” season, airing from August 22 on AMC. 


Matt Bailey

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