The Walking Dead: Final Episode Titles Tease A Big Death

Historically, the average season of The Walking Dead would never be complete without death – or in the case of the Season 7 opener, two huge ones right off the bat. There’s a pun there. It’s not a nice one. The final run of The Walking Dead’s mega 24-episode season will no, sad to say, no exception, and it appears there’ll be another death before AMC’s horror drama concludes. Courtesy of a story from ComicBook, the confirmation of the titles for the last eight episodes to Season 11 has the internet speculating who could bite the bullet in the end. 

If you’re familiar with Robert Kirkman’s comic book source material, then you’ll be aware of the death in the last chapter of the story. Rick is killed by a Commonwealth assassin before his reanimated body is shot down a second time by his son Carl. The trouble is, Carl died in Season 8, and as for Rick, he was blown up on a bridge less than a season later – and Andrew Lincoln will not be returning (despite fingers being tightly crossed) for the final leg of the series. So the question remains, who will meet their maker in the season finale?

Season 11 Episode 17, “Lockdown” (October 2)
Season 11 Episode 18, “A New Deal” (October 9)
Season 11 Episode 19, “Variant” (October 16)
Season 11 Episode 20, “What’s Been Lost” (October 23)
Season 11 Episode 21, “Outpost 22” (October 30)
Season 11 Episode 22, “Faith” (November 6)
Season 11 Episode 23, “Family” (November 13)
Season 11 Episode 24, “Rest in Peace” (November 20)

Angela Kang, who took the reins of showrunner in Season 9, previously said The Walking Dead “needs its own ending. But doors are left open, as they so often are in life, and as they were even in the ending of the comic.”

Seasons 1-10 and the first sixteen episodes of Season 11 of The Walking Dead are available to stream on Disney+. The series is slated to debut on October 2 – with the final eight episodes of Season 11 airing weekly and completing the trilogy. 

Matt Bailey

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