The Walking Dead: Series Props Are Auctioned For Thousands

Props and memorabilia from The Walking Dead is being sold at an official series auction, per a report from ComicBook. AMC Networks have partnered with Goldin, the leading marketplace for props and collectibles, and will be selling off more than 100 pieces of memorabilia from the series. As for the prices – well, some of them will make your eyes water – and if you’re a die-hard, and I mean a die-hard fan of the horror drama, then you’ll need to be prepared to drain your bank account. 

For example, with seven bids, Daryl’s production-used 1992 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk Motorcycle is valued at (takes a deep breath)… $8,500…, and that’s at the time of writing. There’ll be little surprise if that value increases tenfold before the auction ends on October 15. The production-used bullet-struck Lucille bat that featured prominently during the Negan era of the series is valued at $8,000. 

2022 AMC's The Walking Dead Auction.
2022 AMC’s The Walking Dead Auction. (Pic: Goldin).

At half the price, a production-used 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is being auctioned at $4,000. The police vehicle, seen during a flashback sequence in Andrew Lincoln’s last episode as Rick, has been signed by the lead star and his former partner, Shane (Jon Bernthal). Other props include Rick’s Stetson and Python Revolver, valued at $3,250 and $1,700 respectively. 

Two versions of Daryl’s crossbow are going for $750 each. On the less pricey side, items including Dale’s watch (remember Dale from Season 2?), jackets belonging to various cast members, a Commonwealth coin and map collection, and Aaron’s mace head are valued between $200-$350. Once again, these prices will most certainly go up in the coming weeks. 

2022 AMC's The Walking Dead Auction.
2022 AMC’s The Walking Dead Auction. (Pic: Goldin).

Ken Goldin, the Executive Chairman, and Founder said they were “honored to handle the sale of these iconic items from the world-famous franchise that people around the world have fallen in love with over the years.” 

The Walking Dead is one of the great seminal television programs that has been appointment viewing for years and we’re thrilled to be able to connect fans of the show to the memories that these items are tied to,” he adds.

Matt Bailey

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