The Walking Dead’s Last Episodes Teaser Promises A Fight

A teaser for Part 3 of The Walking Dead’s eleventh and final season sets the stage ahead of the last eight episodes of AMC’s horror drama – per a report from Comic Book. The 24-episode mega season prepares for its third and final chapter – as Maggie and Daryl’s group of survivors take the fight to the Commonwealth – as Lance Hornsby casts an iron grip over the communities.

“On the heels of the oppressive presence of locusts, an even greater force is bearing down on every single member of each community. With Commonwealth flags raised at Hilltop, Alexandria, and Oceanside, there’s no time to strategize for those on the road.” an official synopsis from AMC reads. 

With the series wrapped after twelve years, it becomes “a race against the clock to stay alive and extract those still living in the Commonwealth before Hornsby can execute his revenge.” 

From within the walls of the Commonwealth, Connie’s article exposes Governor Pamela Milton’s corruption and creates “more chaos than planned. By exposing Governor Milton’s corruption, their hope to create a better, more equal, life for all may put everyone at risk. With the vast debt our group owes and no other viable place to live, simply leaving has never been an option. But if their next move fails, staying won’t be an option either.”

“Will the sum of their individual journeys cumulate into one, or divide them forever? The fight for a future continues to be exasperated by the ominous population of walkers.” the synopsis continues, warning viewers that, if history is anything to go by with The Walking Dead, not everyone will survive until the end.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC and AMC+ from October 2 – with the final eight episodes of Season 11 airing weekly and completing the trilogy. For more The Walking Dead content – take a look at FlickLuster’s review for the mid-season finale to Season 11B.

Matt Bailey

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