Christine’s John Carpenter Says Remake Would “Probably Be Better”


It was confirmed two years ago that the original film adaptation of Christine, based on Stephen King’s hit horror novel, would be remade. Bryan Fuller, an American screenwriter behind several hit shows including Hannibal, American Gods, and Star Trek: Discovery, was attached to direct.  The original film, starring Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, and Alexandra Paul, was … Read more

 Hulu Cancels Stephen King TV Series Castle Rock

 Hulu Cancels Stephen King TV Series Castle Rock

Streaming service Hulu has officially announced the cancellation of Castle Rock, a horror anthology TV series based on the works of beloved author Stephen King. Castle Rock first debuted in 2018, with a second season airing in in 2019. Hulu’s announcement comes following nearly an entire year of silence regarding the future of the show. … Read more

 Check Out the First Trailer for Stephen King’s “The Stand”

The Stand Mini-Series Begins This December

Although it first released decades ago, world-famous horror author Stephen King’s The Stand is a story which is quite relevant to our planet’s current situation. It’s a darkly ironic coincidence that a story about a global pandemic which wipes out most of the world’s population is coming to our screens in 2020 – but the … Read more