The Boys’ Universe Will “Capitalise” On Source Content For New Shows

Homelander and Starlight.

The makers of The Boys’ and the cinematic universe forming in its wake continues to grow. Pavun Shetty, a producer on both series, believes the franchise can “capitalise” on “a lot of different” source material, while stressing the importance of picking the right story to adapt. “We’re lucky that fans love the show so much and … Read more

Gen V: The Scene That Caused “Discomfort” For Executives

Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau.

The creators of Gen V have revealed a scene during the production of the spin-off that caused some “discomfort” to the executive team. Set within the same universe as The Boys, Gen V focuses on the next cohort of superhero applicants at Godolkin University, including Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair), who possesses the ability to manipulate blood.  In the series, Moreau … Read more

Hideo Kojima Praises “Great” Gen V Debut On Prime Video

Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau.

Hideo Kojima has praised the superhero satire spin-off Gen V on Prime Video, which launched on the streamer on September 29. Known for his work on the Metal Gear Solid series and Death Stranding titles, the 60-year-old director said he was “very satisfied” with what he had seen of Gen V, calling the spin-off “great.” “I love “THE … Read more

Prime Video Subscribers Will Need To Pay More To Remove Ads

Invincible - Mark Grayson.

Subscribers to Amazon Prime Video, will be in for some bad news – as the streaming service intends to establish a small fee to remove “limited ads” from their content (H/T The Hollywood Reporter). The scheme is expected to roll out in 2024 across the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Germany. Prime Video subscribers in … Read more

Jensen Ackles Is Back As Soldier Boy For Gen V Cameo

Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy.

Jensen Ackles is set to reprise his role as Soldier Boy in Gen V. The actor joins other co-stars from The Boys in the upcoming superhero spin-off, set within Godolkin University, a campus created for the next generation of super-powered students. As confirmed in a story by Entertainment Weekly, Ackles will stop by for a brief appearance in Gen V while … Read more

The Boys’ Universe Won’t Ramp Down, Says Amazon Exec

Butcher and Homelander - The Boys.

With Gen V about to debut on Prime Video at the end of the month, The Boys’ cinematic universe continues to grow, and the makers of the hit superhero satire, much like A-Train, have no intentions to slow down.  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Amazon exec Vernon Sanders outlined what was coming next. “I will say this: Eric has … Read more

Chace Crawford Lined Up For Cameo As The Deep In Gen V

The Deep - The Boys.

Chace Crawford is set to reprise his role as The Deep in Gen V. The actor joins other co-stars from The Boys in the upcoming superhero spin-off, set within Godolkin University, a campus created for the next generation of super-powered wannabes. As confirmed in a story by Entertainment Weekly, Crawford will make a splash in Gen V while the … Read more

Where Does Gen V Fit Into The Boys’ Universe?

P.J Byrne as Adam Bourke.

It’s all about the timelines these days. As a television series branches off into spin-offs and prequels, an inevitable franchise eventually grows, and timelines can be confusing. Gen V, the second superhero satire to manifest from the diabolical world of The Boys, is arriving later this month, and audiences want to know where the series fits … Read more

The Boys: Vought’s Shareholder Message Ahead of Season 4

The Boys.

A release date for The Boys Season 4 could be some way down the road, but this hasn’t stopped the show’s creators from giving fans a small insight into life within Vought International since the end of Season 3. A summary to Vought’s shareholders was revealed on Twitter featuring Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie), the CEO of Vought … Read more