Nintendo Shows And Movies We Need To See Next After The Mario Movie

We’re very excited for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The trailers we’ve seen have promised lots of references to the games and Nintendo’s history as a whole. We’re just a month away from release, so we can’t help but wonder: what next? Whilst it will all depend on how well The Super Mario Bros. Movie performs, we … Read more

Opinion: The MCU Is Losing Its Might

I’ve been a fan of Marvel for a long time. I watched The Avengers in the cinema like seemingly everyone else in the world at the time, and felt that sense of wonder seeing these heroes together on screen for the first time. From that point I enjoyed almost every movie that followed in the … Read more

Doctor Who – The Power of the Doctor – The Easter Eggs

Jodie Whittaker.

Major spoilers are ahead for this easter egg breakdown of “The Power of the Doctor.”  The Master’s ‘Doctor’ Costume – And How It Foreshadowed The Cameos This is one of the more obvious easter eggs in the episode. With The Master successfully forcing the Doctor to regenerate and subsequently taking her form, Sacha Dhawan’s renegade … Read more

WandaVision Should Have Let Wanda Be Loveable, Tragic, And Wrong

WandaVision‘s first few episodes were onto something brilliant. Equal parts heart-warming and disturbing, we watched Wanda live out the life she deserves: loving, stable, idyllic. Many rejoiced in how the often formulaic Marvel Cinematic Universe was stretching its creative muscles. Far from the world-ending stakes of Avengers: Endgame, here, we were tuning in every week to … Read more

Vikings Vs. Game of Thrones: Ending an Epic Series

The final episode of a huge series will almost always divide fans. Over recent years, perhaps no series finale divided fans as much as Game of Thrones‘. History’s Vikings also ended when the entire back half of season 6 was released on Amazon Prime, December 30. Similarly, Vikings has been met with a somewhat mixed … Read more

Top 10 Post-David Tennant Doctor Who Episodes

Doctor Who.

Ten years ago on January 1, 2010, David Tennant bowed out from his role as the Tenth Doctor, leaving an indelible mark on a show that’s never been the same since. That being said, Doctor Who is still as relevant and important today, three incarnations of our favorite Time Lord later. So, we’ve ranked the … Read more