The BBC Has Revived A Doctor Who Spin-Off For New Era

David Tennant and Steffan Powell.

The BBC has green-lit a behind-the-scenes documentary to partner the new era of Doctor Who. A series of half-hour factual episodes titled Doctor Who: Unleashed will offer audiences interviews with the cast and crew and exclusive insights into the development behind each episode of the series (H/T Variety). Hosted by Steffan Powell, Doctor Who: Unleashed will be produced … Read more

Peter Davison On What He’d Change About The Five Doctors

Peter Davison.

Peter Davison, who portrayed the Fifth Doctor in Doctor Who, has revealed the one thing he would have changed, given the chance, about The Five Doctors, the 20th-anniversary feature-length special in 1983. In a conversation with the BFI Southbank Event (H/T The Radio Times), which marked the launch of the Doctor Who – The Collection Season 20 Blu-ray … Read more

Doctor Who 60: New Trailer Teases The Toymaker’s Return

Doctor Who 60th-Anniversary Specials.

“Sometimes I think there’s something missing. Like I had something lovely…, and its gone,” says Donna Noble (Catherine Tate). Images of the Tenth-turned-Fourteenth Doctor (David Tennant) flash across our screen. “I lie in bed thinking, what I have lost?” These are the first words we hear in the latest, explosive trailer for the Doctor Who 60th-anniversary … Read more

Chris Chibnall On What He’d Change With Doctor Who’s ‘Thasmin’ Story

The Doctor and Yaz.

Chris Chibnall, the former showrunner of Doctor Who, has reflected on decisions made in the finale featuring Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor and Yasmin Khan (Mandip Gill). After it was revealed in the 2022 New Year Special that Yaz had feelings for the first female Time Lord, audiences were anticipating a kiss between the two … Read more

Doctor Who 60: BBC Teases Fans For September 23, But Why?

David Tennant - Doctor Who.

If you were tuning in on BBC One on Saturday night (16/9/23), you might have spotted the promotional teaser for Doctor Who. The updated diamond logo for the series materialised onto our screens before glitching out of existence. What followed in the teaser was a special message for fans to decode, concealed behind numerous lines of … Read more

Doctor Who 60: New Stills Renew The Celestial Toymaker Theory

Doctor Who - Neil Patrick Harris.

The BBC has revealed new images from the upcoming trilogy of specials commemorating Doctor Who’s 60th-anniversary. Among the stills (H/T The Radio Times for the story), are shots of David Tennant as the Tenth-turned-Fourteenth Doctor, alongside Catherine Tate, who reprises her role as Chiswick temp Donna Noble. “The show is just beginning…” the post below is captioned. In … Read more

What Happens To The Thirteenth Doctor In RTD2?

Jodie Whittaker.

By and large, a new era of Doctor Who forsakes any continuity with its predecessor. A new showrunner means a new vision, meaning what came before is typically left in the rear view. David Tennant reprised his role as the Tenth-turned-Fourteenth incarnation of the Time Lord, succeeding Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor. As the new era beckons … Read more

Doctor Who 60: Miriam Margolyes Joins Cast

Miriam Margolyes.

Miriam Margolyes will be joining the 60th-anniversary celebrations of Doctor Who following confirmation that the 81-year-old actress would voice the cute-but-deadly Beep the Meep, a creature with long ties to the sci-fi series (H/T The Radio Times). Otherwise known for her role as Professor Sprout in Harry Potter and a BAFTA winning performance in Martin Scorsese’s The Age … Read more

Doctor Who 60: Yasmin Finney’s ‘Rose’ Identity Revealed

Shaun, Sylvia and Rose.

Yasmin Finney is set to play Rose in the 60th-anniversary specials of Doctor Who later this year. The character shares her namesake with Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, the first companion to travel with the Doctor in the revived era. Typically, the Doctor Who fandom ignited with speculation over Finney’s identity, as the name … Read more