WandaVision Should Have Let Wanda Be Loveable, Tragic, And Wrong

WandaVision‘s first few episodes were onto something brilliant. Equal parts heart-warming and disturbing, we watched Wanda live out the life she deserves: loving, stable, idyllic. Many rejoiced in how the often formulaic Marvel Cinematic Universe was stretching its creative muscles. Far from the world-ending stakes of Avengers: Endgame, here, we were tuning in every week to … Read more

5 TV Shows To Get You Through The Rest Of Lockdown

Depending on where you live, life might be slowly beginning to go back to normal. Sure, we’re all a long way off from when we can put the masks down, but around the world, people return to work, families reunite, and we rediscover the outside. But with all that said, the entertainment world is still … Read more