Nintendo Shows And Movies We Need To See Next After The Mario Movie

We’re very excited for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The trailers we’ve seen have promised lots of references to the games and Nintendo’s history as a whole. We’re just a month away from release, so we can’t help but wonder: what next? Whilst it will all depend on how well The Super Mario Bros. Movie performs, we have a feeling that a good box office will result in new Nintendo media projects.

We’ve put together this list of the shows and movies we need to see from Nintendo, after the hype and release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The possibilities are endless, so leave your ideas in the comments below too.

Kirby (Movie)

In a Kirby movie, I don’t expect Nintendo to go very mature – but that doesn’t mean they can’t go epic. Kirby is extremely charming and likeable, and an entire movie with the gimmick of his transformational abilities has a lot of potential for laughs and spectacle. Kirby is also known for its very disturbing final bosses, and we’d love to see one of these epic final confrontations on the big screen.

The Koopalings (Series)

Bowser Jr. and the gang of Koopalings all have very unique personalities. This could make for a charming and silly kids streaming series, following the misadventures of the chaotic bunch. Their different personality traits could lead to a lot of running jokes, such as Wendy’s sassy fashionista persona or Ludwig’s know-it-all scientist vibes.

Super Princess Peach (Movie)

It’s great that Mario is getting his own movie, and it seems we’ll be getting plenty of Peach too. Despite this, I’d still love a movie that focuses on the leader of the Mushroom Kingdom herself. How did she become princess? What is she like as a ruler? We could explore her royal ways on a fun adventure to defend her kingdom, that also tells us more about her as a character. I’m thinking Frozen 2 crossed with The Super Mario Bros. Movie here!

The Legend of Zelda (Series)

We’ve all been thinking it for the longest time, but the anthology nature of The Legend of Zelda franchise is perfectly designed for a streaming series. Each season could give us an epic interpretation of the tragic Hyrule cycle, with a dramatic conclusion following the plot of Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, bringing Link to break the curse of Ganon once and for all.

Metroid (Movie)

There are plenty of sci-fi movies out there, and the Metroid series draws heavy inspiration from them. Even so, Samus has established herself as a unique hero in the sci-fi space thanks to her backstory. Metroid is a perfect series to adapt to the big screen for an effects-filled, action-heavy popcorn movie. Depending on how ambitious Nintendo gets, there would even be room for some tension and scares.

Splatoon (Series)

Whilst it may be one of the newest original Nintendo properties, Splatoon has one of the biggest and most original Nintendo universes to date. The post-human world of Splatoon is as bright and colorful as it is dark and creepy. There’s so many angles to explore here, but most of all I’d just love to see the day-to-day life of an Inkling in Inkopolis.

Xenoblade Chronicles (Movie)

The story of Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the best in gaming. With so many emotional and moving cutscenes, this cinematic game is already perfect to adapt for a theatrical release. Whilst it may be a little too long and complex for the average moviegoer, some tinkering with the plot and merging a few details could result in one of the most exciting animated movies ever. This is one of my personal favorites.

Animal Crossing (Series)

The Animal Crossing series is incredibly cute, and was already adapted into an animated movie. I actually loved the movie, and I need to see more! In an animated Animal Crossing series, we could spend an episode with each of our favorite characters, and watch the way they interact with the wholesome and entertaining world they live in.

Super Smash Bros. (Movie)

We were all thinking it. We can’t have a Nintendo Cinematic Universe without an epic blockbuster team up, and I firmly believe that a movie in the style of Super Smash Bros. would be an Avengers-level event. Given there’s a long enough build up and quality movies from Nintendo’s properties, there’d be no better way to bring the movies to a climax than showing us some of the most iconic characters in gaming history clash together.

That’s it for our list, but what about you? What Nintendo movies or shows do you need to see next? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on FlickLuster for more movie news.


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