Review: Dexter: New Blood Season 9, Episode 6 – “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches ”

Dexter: New Blood.

Before you read on, there are spoilers ahead for this week’s review of Dexter: New Blood. After last week’s game-changing mid-season episode, “Runaway”, the sixth episode into Dexter: New Blood begins to build pace toward a finale only four episodes away. As Dexter and Harrison go into therapy, their relationship becomes more fraught than ever before, save for some … Read more

Will Poulter Cast As Adam Warlock For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 director, James Gunn has officially confirmed that Will Poulter will be playing Adam Warlock, following casting rumours. The news was confirmed on Twitter. In the Tweet, Gunn also said ‘see you in a couple weeks’ which checks in other cast members saying that filming is set to start in … Read more

HBO Reveals House Of The Dragon Teaser Trailer

HBO has released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming Game Of Thrones prequel, House Of The Dragon. Compared to the previous reveal in the HBO lineup trailer, which only showed the title and that the show will air in 2022, the teaser finally gave fans a first glimpse of the Targaryen lineage before Game … Read more

Dexter: New Blood Full-Length Trailer Promises A Big Reunion

Dexter and Harrison.

A full-length trailer for Dexter: New Blood has been released, and some huge questions from the last series look to be answered. Most importantly among which, is the whereabouts of Dexter’s son, Harrison. Jack Alcott, cast as Dexter’s teenage son, appears in the final seconds of the trailer, turning up unannounced at his father’s home, … Read more

Christopher Lloyd As Rick In Live-Action Rick and Morty Clip

Christopher Lloyd As Rick In Live-Action Rick and Morty Clip.

A 14-second teaser from Adult Swim brings together the universes of Rick and Morty and Back to The Future, and the results are rather uncanny. In the small clip, seen further down on Twitter, dubbed “C-132”, Doc Brown actor Christopher Lloyd, and IT’s Jaeden Martell emerge from a portal into the family garage as Rick and Morty. “Morty, we’re home,” … Read more

Jennifer Carpenter Reprises Deb In Dexter Revival Series

Jennifer Carpenter Reprises Deb In Dexter Revival Series.

A behind-the-scenes preview for Dexter: New Blood confirms the return of key cast members and promises some answers to Dexter’s fate in what has been teased by its showrunners as a “controversial” series.  Jennifer Carpenter will be reprising her role as Debra Morgan, despite her character being killed off in the show’s series finale. Deb, Dexter’s … Read more

Spider-Man: No Way Home – First Trailer Breakdown

The first teaser trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has been released, and it’s a corker, to say the least. Let’s break down what’s in store for Tom Holland in his third Spider-Man film. It’s unclear how much time has passed since the events of game-changing events of Spider-Man: Far From Home.  Peter’s identity as Spider-Man … Read more

The Walking Dead Season 11 Casts Ritchie Coster As Pope

The Walking Dead Season 11 Casts Ritchie Coster As Pope.

Ritchie Coster has been cast as the lead antagonist for The Walking Dead’s eleventh and final season. Coster will be playing a key role as lead antagonist, Pope, when The Walking Dead returns next week on August 22. The name Pope was first mentioned previously in “Home Sweet Home”, the first of six episodes added onto Season … Read more