Tom Cruise Shot The Mission Impossible 7 Bike Jump On Day One

In preparation for the biggest stunt in the Mission Impossible franchise to date, Tom Cruise has revealed that the motorbike on the cliff sequence was shot on the first day. Dating back to 2020, at the beginning of filming for Mission Impossible 7: Dead Reckoning – Part One, Cruise and the team behind the spy series set out to capture the death-defying stunt on camera, a decision taken as a preventative measure should anything dire happen to Cruise.

“Well we know either we’re going continue with the film or we’re not. Let’s know day one,” the 60-year-old actor told Entertainment Tonight, thanks to a story from GamesRadar. “Let’s know day one, what is going to happen? Do we all continue, or is it a major rewrite?”

Mission Impossible 7's Bike Stunt.
Mission Impossible 7’s Bike Stunt. (Pic: Paramount).

The Top Gun: Maverick actor added: “I was training, I was ready. You have to be razor sharp when you do something like that, so it was very important as we were prepping the film that that actually was the first thing. I don’t want to drop that and go shoot other things and then have my mind somewhere else. Everyone was prepped. Let’s just get it done.”

Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning – Part One will star Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Henry Czerny, Esai Morales, Hayley Atwell, Pom Klementieff, Nick Offerman, Janet McTeer, and Shea Whigham.

The film is expected to debut in cinemas on July 10, 2023, before Mission Impossible 8, perhaps known as Dead Reckoning – Part 2, is scheduled to debut in cinemas on Friday, 28th June 2024.

Matt Bailey

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