The Walking Dead Season 10 Trailer: Maggie, Negan & Lucille

With February 28 just over a month away, a more fleshed out glimpse of The Walking Dead’s extended tenth season has been revealed in a teaser trailer. The Commonwealth feature heavily in the trailer, donning their white Stormtrooper-styled paramilitary outfits, following their swift, yet brief arrival in last year’s “A Certain Doom”

We’ve got Robert Patrick in action, described as a “rough-looking survivor” in a recent virtual script read, and the difficulties Maggie faces in telling her son Hershel about the grisly circumstances that led to Glenn’s death, courtesy of Negan’s baseball bat Lucille from Season 7’s opening episode.

Talking of which, the teaser also promises what looks to be a standalone episode focusing on Negan’s past with his wife, Lucille. As previously reported, Lucille, to which Negan’s deadly baseball bat owes its namesake, will be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s real-life spouse, Hilarie Burton.

By the looks of things, the episode will feature Negan in his heyday, kitted out in his original Saviour attire, while his wife appears to have just walked out of a hospital, as she clutches an IV stand. 

Standalone episodes centering on individual characters have become a staple to each season of AMC’s horror drama, from Beth’s hospital story in Season 5, Morgan meeting Eastman in Season 6, and Tara discovering Oceanside in Season 7’s “Swear”

The Walking Dead will end in 2022, wrapping with an extended 24-episode eleventh season. While the parent show ends, the undead universe is set to expand into multiple spin-offs. 

There’s a show starring Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Melissa McBride (Carol), as well as The Walking Dead: World Beyond, anthology series Fear The Walking Dead, and eventually, a trilogy of films with Rick Grimes. 

The Walking Dead will return on February 28, 2021. 

Matt Bailey

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