The Walking Dead Final Season Teaser Reveals Mercer

A new teaser trailer for the first half of The Walking Dead’s eleventh and final season has dropped. Most notably, the trailer reveals a glimpse of Michael James Shaw’s Mercer looking menacing in distinctly bright red Commonwealth gear. For those uninitiated with the comic book source material, Mercer is the leader of the Commonwealth, a vast community of survivors, unlike anything witnessed before.

As for our heroes, there are some interesting stories to tell going into the final season. At the top of the bill needs to be the fall of Alexandria, and the arrival of the brutal Reapers, who made their first fleeting appearance in the extended third act of Season 10. 

Then we’ve got Maggie and Negan. While the former Savior head honcho has struggled along a path of redemption since his brutal actions saw the demise of Abraham and Maggie’s husband Glenn in Season 7, the widow, with her young son, is out for blood against Negan.

Despite a promising future within a prospering community of survivors, some debts need to be settled before then. One thing is for sure, however, the road ahead before they find the Commonwealth will be a hard one, and there’s no guarantee everyone will make it to the end alive. Recently, AMC revealed the titles for the first episodes of Season 11. The first story of the new season, entitled Acheron, has been split into two parts, a first for the series since it launched in 2010. 

For those looking to sink their teeth into the zombie drama before Season 11 premieres in August, all ten seasons of The Walking Dead will be released exclusively on Disney+ via their Star range. 

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Matt Bailey

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