The Final Season Of The Walking Dead Has Started Filming

Filming has started on the final season of The Walking Dead, and to mark the moment, the first set photo has been revealed. The picture shows a clapperboard in front of Alexandria’s windmill, most notably seen in the opening credits to the show, but by the looks of things, it’s seen better days. 

The image has fuelled speculation that Alexandria, a haven for the survivors since the back half of Season 5, may finally fall in the eleventh and final season. The community has endured swarms of walkers within its walls throughout Season 6, later seized and fire-bombed by The Saviors throughout Seasons 7 and 8, before coming under the largest threat they’ve faced in the form of Alpha’s sneaky Whisperers throughout 9 and 10.

While Alexandria in its heyday withstood some immense hurdles, it won’t be surprising if the final season of the horror-drama sees the survivors abandon the safe-zone after almost seven years, considering the previous sanctuaries, such as the farm and the prison, lasted less than three seasons altogether.

recent trailer for the final six episodes of an extended Season 10 will see Maggie coming face-to-face with Negan, the Commonwealth, and a Negan prequel starring his real-life spouse, Hilarie Burton. Scorpion and Terminator 2’s Robert Patrick also stars.

Considered to be one of AMC’s most successful dramas of all time, The Walking Dead’s extended universe will run beyond the parent show’s end date in 2022. Most notably, Fear The Walking Dead is now well into its sixth season. A spin-off focusing on Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Melissa McBride (Carol) is also in development. 

Elsewhere, there’s The Walking Dead: World Beyond, an anthology series and soon enough, a trilogy of films featuring Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes. Once the parent series ends, it seems that there will still be plenty to satisfy fans’ hunger! The Walking Dead will return on February 28, 2021. 

Matt Bailey

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