The Boys: Vought’s Shareholder Message Ahead of Season 4

A release date for The Boys Season 4 could be some way down the road, but this hasn’t stopped the show’s creators from giving fans a small insight into life within Vought International since the end of Season 3. A summary to Vought’s shareholders was revealed on Twitter featuring Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie), the CEO of Vought International. With the “full confidence” of the board, Minifie’s character has been given a new seven-month contract.

“Despite numerous headwinds, Vought and our heroes have never been stronger,” Barrett says, backed by a skyline view of New York from Vought Towers. “We’ve seen double-digit growth in pharma, crime-fighting contracts, and Vought Plus subscribers. The Vought reconstruction project remains ahead of schedule and under budget.”

The summary also addresses the whereabouts of Black Noir. If you remember the Season 3 finale, Black Noir perished after being killed by Homelander. The “secret mission” Barrett alludes to would suggest Vought is attempting to cover up the assassin’s death. With Homelander’s approval ratings soaring higher than the flying superhero himself, Maeve is mourned following her apparent death (another cover-up, Maeve is still alive) in the finale.

“We’ve accomplished more in a few months than my predecessor did in years,” Barrett says, adding that Vought are already “selecting new members of the Seven to replace fallen heroes like Maeve and traitors like Starlight. It’s a new day for Vought: today’s heroes, tomorrow’s future.”

Minifie will feature in the upcoming spin-off Gen V, which follows a group of students competing as would-be super-powered crime fighters at Godolkin University. The series will run concurrently alongside The Boys later in 2023.

Matt Bailey

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