A Different Man Berlinale Review: You Can’t Run From Who You Are

The tale of the disfigured individual, demonized by its society and pitied by the audience, is one that’s been retold many times in cinema. From The Elephant Man (1980) to Wonder (2017) to the here frequently referenced Beauty and the Beast (1991), it’s understood that these people are simply victims of their genetic code—or whatever … Read more

The Popular Creepypasta Series Set To Become An A24 Horror

The Backrooms (Found Footage).

The Backrooms, an Internet Creepypasta series on Youtube, is set to receive a feature-film makeover from A24, courtesy of a story from IndieWire. If you are, like me, a fan of short horror films on Youtube, then it’s more than likely you’ve uncovered The Backrooms, a brilliantly eerie series of horror shorts uploaded by Kane Parsons, who … Read more