Cuckoo Berlinale Review – Irritating, Unwieldy, Fun

How do you even begin to talk about a movie as weird, messy, but ultimately fun as Cuckoo? It’s a modern giallo from Germany, brought to us by NEON, about a secluded resort in the mountains, strange noises that put you in temporary time loops, and screeching women with red, glowing eyes that try to … Read more

Meanwhile on Earth Berlinale Review – Just Like Space It’s A Whole Lot Of Nothing

I was absolutely enamored with writer/director Jérémy Clapin’s feature debut, I Lost My Body (2019), when I finally watched it for the first time the other day. An animated movie that used the intimate speficity of every carefully crafted frame and brushstroke within to tell a story that celebrated the smallest of sensations that make … Read more

A Different Man Berlinale Review: You Can’t Run From Who You Are

The tale of the disfigured individual, demonized by its society and pitied by the audience, is one that’s been retold many times in cinema. From The Elephant Man (1980) to Wonder (2017) to the here frequently referenced Beauty and the Beast (1991), it’s understood that these people are simply victims of their genetic code—or whatever … Read more

Berlinale 2023: Wrap-Up And Movie Ranking

This past week the 73rd Berlin Film Festival took place in, you guessed it, Berlin. And since that is where I happen to live, I’ve had the pleasure of attending the festival. While I didn’t get to watch even close to every movie at the festival, I still managed to watch a solid 12 movies. … Read more