Doctor Who: Centenary Episode Has Sherlock-Style Surprise

With plot details for Doctor Who’s upcoming centenary episode remaining tightly under wraps, an interview with Sacha Dhawan, who has portrayed The Master throughout Jodie Whittaker’s era, teases a dramatic scene likening the confrontation to an iconic showdown from Sherlock Holmes, the Reichenbach Falls. 

Doctor Who Magazine writer Paul Kirkley hinted at the upcoming moment in the interview (via Cultbox) describing it as a “pivotal, jaw-dropping moment in the episode — no spoilers, but you’ll know it when you see it — that Sacha Dhawan is particularly proud of.”

“When the great Terrance Dicks first proposed the character of the Master to producer Barry Letts more than half a century ago, he famously sold him as ‘the Moriarty to the Doctor’s Holmes’. So it’s fitting that Sacha’s Master and Jodie’s Doctor should face each other in their own ‘Reichenbach Falls’ moment.” says Kirkley. Dhawan weighed in on the big scene, adding that he “wanted it to be epic and moving.”

“So it’s always been really easy with Jodie” Dhawan explains. “I do my thing and she does hers, and it just works. And that’s because, even though the characters have so much animosity between them, me and Jodie really adore each other.” Dhawan continued. As a result, Dhawan adds that this “makes the scenes much more electrifying, and a lot more moving than I thought they would be.” 

The former Line Of Duty actor further teases fans that he’s already seen the finale in its entirety, adding that he “watched the episode on my laptop in a dark room the other day, and I was just a blubbering mess.” 

The centenary special, officially titled “The Power of the Doctor” yesterday, is expected to air sometime in the Autumn. For more Doctor Who content, including the recent announcement of a brand-new behind-the-scenes series in 2023, stick with us at FlickLuster.

Matt Bailey

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