Doctor Who 60: BBC Teases Fans For September 23, But Why?

If you were tuning in on BBC One on Saturday night (16/9/23), you might have spotted the promotional teaser for Doctor Who. The updated diamond logo for the series materialised onto our screens before glitching out of existence. What followed in the teaser was a special message for fans to decode, concealed behind numerous lines of binary code. 

“Saturday 23rd September, BBC One, 6:13pm” and “Their time has come…” the translation of the code reads. Doctor Who fans shared the same results after translating the code on social media. “SOMETHING IS COMING,” the X (formerly Twitter) post from Bad Wolf Archives is captioned, as seen below. 

Two pieces of music feature in the teaser, reversed renditions of the Strictly and Doctor Who theme. In the two minutes leading up to the first Strictly Come Dancing live show next week, fans should expect more information connected to the 60th-anniversary specials.

Fingers crossed for episode dates and brand-new footage. With exactly two months until the 60-year-mark in November, September 23rd is a fitting time to reveal new content.

Doctor Who can be streamed via the BBC iPlayer, with classic episodes on Britbox. What are you most excited to see from the future of the series?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Russell T Davies recently replied to online discussion suggesting Jodie Whittaker’s era of Doctor Who has been “erased” ahead of the new era of the series.

Matt Bailey

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