Wade Wilson & Wolverine Are Coming to the MCU for Deadpool 3

It’s official: Deadpool 3 is coming to the MCU – and better yet, the merc with a mouth will not be alone. Hugh Jackman will be reprising his role as Wolverine and making his first appearance in the MCU. Jackman’s last appearance as the clawed superhero dates back to Logan in 2017, so the news of his return is a surprise – considering how that film ended.

In a typically kooky Twitter post from Reynolds, sat on a couch in a living room, he informs fans that working on Deadpool 3 led him on a soul-searching challenge to find new motivation and meaning for the character. Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, a special forces operative-turned-mercenary with mutant abilities and a disfigured physical appearance. 

Over his voice, we see a parodical montage of Reynolds working out in a gym, slowly prodding at a typewriter and pouring a lot of vodka into a mug. Cutting back to Reynolds, he flatly confirms that he has no ideas for a story. At that moment, just as Jackman passes behind him and walks up a staircase, Reynolds announces one idea in the works. He asks Jackman if he wants to appear as Wolverine one more time, to which the Australian actor responds simply: “Yeah, sure Ryan.”

A musical parody of ‘I Will Always Love You’ (Hugh replacing You) from Whitney Houston cuts over the clip, followed by three Wolverine claw marks slashed through the Deadpool logo. A release date follows, confirming that Deadpool 3 will arrive in cinemas on September 6, 2024. 

2024 is a long way to go, so plot details and additional casting information remain understandably scarce at this stage. However, the hype is real, and it’s another date to add to the diary. For more Deadpool content, FlickLuster recently reported that the first two Deadpool films, alongside Loganhad arrived on Disney Plus.

Matt Bailey

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