Isle of the Dead: Negan & Maggie’s “Madhouse” Manhattan Show

Maggie and Negan.

The upcoming spin-off from The Walking Dead featuring Negan and Maggie in Manhattan has been likened to a “madhouse” by Scott M. Gimple, the Chief Content Officer for AMC’s The Walking Dead Universe. Isle of the Dead – featuring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, will take the two untrusting allies into a “crumbling and chaotic” New York City.  “It’s a … Read more

The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan On Isle of the Dead Spin-Off

Maggie and Negan Spin-Off Announced By AMC

The Walking Dead is reaching the end, but the in-series universe continues to expand. However, according to series star Lauren Cohan (Maggie Rhee), her upcoming project “Isle of the Dead” was almost very different.  In an interview with ComicBook, Cohan revealed details of the spin-off with Maggie and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), travelling to a post-apocalyptic Manhattan. “I know there … Read more