Review: Inside No.9 – Season 8, Episode 4 – “Love is a Stranger”

Inside No. 9 - Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton.

A serial killer on the prowl discards a body on a wasteland in Kettering. These chilling revelations filter through a radio as Vicky (Claire Rushbrook) prepares for a date. Someone at her door, in black leather gloves, rings the intercom for her door. Number 9. Vicky meets Edgar (Matthew Horne), a landscape gardener. Palm Date … Read more

Review: Inside No. 9 – Season 8, Episode 2 – “Mother’s Ruin”

Edward and Harry - Inside No.9.

Spoilers ahead for this review of Inside No.9. In the dead of night, Edward (Reece Shearsmith) enters a lavish suburban bungalow rather clumsily. As he sends kitchen cutlery clattering, his dippy brother Harry (Steve Pemberton) rings the bell. The property belongs to their late mother, Annie. Since her death, the bungalow has remained untouched. The new … Read more

Review: Inside No.9 – Series 8 Christmas Special – “The Bones of St. Nicholas”

Posy, Pierce, Jasper, and Dick - Inside No.9.

Spoilers ahead for this Christmas Special review of Inside No.9. The BBC Two anthology series returns for another darkly comic caper, and this time, quite fittingly, takes place inside a church, the most appropriate setting for a festive special of the dark comedy variety. We meet Jasper Parkway (Pemberton), approaching the church on Christmas Eve. He’s … Read more

Review: Inside No.9 – Season 7, Episode 6 – “Wise Owl”

Inside No 9 - "Wise Owl" Review.

Spoilers ahead for this finale review of Inside No.9. The final episode of Series 7 takes inspiration from public information films, or PIFs for short. For those not old enough to remember – these were a series of short films commissioned by the government designed to inform the public on a variety of issues from welfare, education, … Read more

Review: Inside No.9 – Season 7, Episode 5 – “A Random Act Of Kindness”

Inside No 9 - "A Random Act Of Kindness" Review.

Spoilers ahead for this review of Inside No.9. We meet Zach Wilson (Noah Valentine) and his mum Helen (Jessica Hynes). Their relationship has become severely estranged, and there’s no father in the picture. Everything Helen says, and everything she does infuriates Zach. While Helen does her utmost as a mother, Zach fails to appreciate the efforts … Read more

Review: Inside No.9 – Season 7, Episode 4 – “Kid/Nap”

Inside No 9 - "Kid/Nap" Review.

Spoilers ahead for this review of Inside No.9. As we move beyond the midway point into the seventh series, Pemberton and Shearsmith deliver an abduction thriller “Kid/Nap.” Notably, this expansive episode breaks its one location rule, taking place in as many as three locations throughout its twenty-nine-minute run. Much of the action is documented through a … Read more

Review: Inside No.9 – Season 7, Episode 3 – “Nine Lives Kat”

Inside No 9 - "Nine Lives Kat" Review.

Spoilers ahead for this review of Inside No.9. The third episode of their seventh series takes place inside an ordinary suburban house – and there’s far more to the picture than you first think. We open with Katrina (Sophie Okonedo), a veteran detective nicknamed Nine Lives Kat. Riddled by nightmares of a missing boy, Katrina eats … Read more

A U.S Remake Of Inside No.9 Confirmed For Amazon Freevee

Inside No. 9 U.S Remake In Works For Amazon Freevee.

A remake of Inside No.9 is in development for American audiences. The anthology series will be available on the streaming platform Amazon Freevee. According to a report from Deadline, the remake is “in the development stages” between Lionsgate Television and BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions. They are the creative minds responsible for the American adaptation … Read more