Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode Titles Revealed

The titles for Rick and Morty Season 7 have been revealed in a brand-new Adult Swim teaser (H/T ComicBook for the story). The ten-episode order parodies well-known films such as The Parent Trap (swapping parent for the word Jerrick), Air Force Wong (the classic Harrison Ford film, Air Force One, we all know it), and Mort: Ragnarick (likely a play on the word, Ragnarök). The episode titles, including an ambiguous outline of each chapter, are outlined in order below. 

“How Poopy Got His Poop Back” – Broh, Come Out With Us, You’re Being So Boring Dude. 

“The Jerrick Trap” – Gotta be mindful Broh, big brain stuff here. 

“Air Force Wong” – Virginia is For Lovers Broh.

“That’s Amorte” – Broh, That’s-A Some Good Spaghetti.

“Unmortricken” – Rick And Morty Wilding Out, Broh. They getting up to stuff.

“Rickfending Your Mort” – Gotta keep those receipts, Dawg. 

“Wet Kuat Amortican Summer” – High School, Broh. Morty and Summer hang out in this one.

“Rise of the Numbericons: The Movie” – Action! Adventure! It’s a whole movie, Broh!

“Mort: Ragnarick” – Heaven is for real, Broh. I saw it, Broh, I swear.

“Fear No Mort” – Only thing to fear is fear itself, Broh.

Any ideas? Nope, not a clue either but we can likely expect a bluster of bizarre, ultra-violent, and intergalactic shenanigans throughout the ten-episode run. We also know that Season 7 will focus on Rick C-137’s hunt for Rick Prime, after Season 6 closed out with Rick C-137 looking worse for wear as his search led him to dead ends. 

Rick and Morty Season 7 will most notably be the first season since its conception in 2013 not to feature Justin Roiland, the former co-creator. Steve Levy, a producer on the series, reassured fans that the series had “only gotten better” in his absence.

Rick and Morty Seasons 1-6 (if a catch-up is required) are available to stream on Netflix in the UK, with Season 7 set to land on Adult Swim on October 15. The series stars Dan Harmon, Spencer Grammer, Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke and Kari Wahlgren. 

Matt Bailey

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