Pop, Rock and Drop the Beat with Trolls: World Tour Dance Party Edition

Dreamworks’ animated musical Trolls: World Tour has already helped to change the way we watch movies. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, it was released for streaming and digital rental shortly after its premiere. The film set several records and has led to Dreamworks and other studios reportedly reconsidering how future films will be released even after the pandemic ends.

Trolls: World Tour tells the story of eternal optimist Poppy, Queen of the Pop Trolls, as she travels through the various Troll kingdoms to save music itself from vicious Queen Barb, leader of the Hard Rock trolls. Popular hits combine with catchy original songs to create an unforgettable soundtrack of tunes performed by the musically talented cast.

Now, fans of Trolls can sing and dance along with Queen Poppy, her best friend Branch, and the rest of the cast in the Trolls World Tour: Dance Party Edition, which will release June 23 for digital platforms and on DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K Ultra HD on July 7. This exciting new edition contains a bunch of brand new features focused around the catchy music and vigorous dance moves, which made the movie so memorable.

New features include:

    • The Dance Party Edition of the film itself, which encourages viewers to dance and sing along with the characters as they watch the movie
    • Trolls Dance Academy, a compilation of how-to videos teaching viewers pop, rock, funk, K-pop, waltz and reggaeton dance moves which pair with the songs from the film
    • Tiny Diamond Goes Back to School, an all-new short film starring fan-favorite Tiny Diamond as he learns how to be cool
    • Interviews with Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson and the rest of the film’s star-studded cast
    • An interactive guide map of the various Troll cities and kingdoms
    • Deleted scenes
    • …And much, much more!

If you enjoyed Trolls: World Tour, then the Dance Party Edition is an absolute must-have. Dance, sing, and celebrate the music of Trolls like never before!


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