Norman Reedus Reveals Details For The Daryl Dixon Series

With The Walking Dead wrapping after eleven seasons, a wealth of brand-new spin-offs will be arriving to fill that zombie-action void in our lives. One of these shows will see series favourite and current lead star Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) fighting the fight against the dead in France. Following the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead, Dixon revealed details in Sunday’s Talking Dead, per a report from ComicBook.

“We haven’t started yet, but it’s getting real right now,” Reedus explained during the show. “All the prep’s happening, Greg’s out there whipping everybody into shape right now. The sets are crazy. There are castles! It’s a whole other level.” the 53-year-old actor added.

“The cinematography’s gonna be insane, the tone, the feel, the sound is going to be different,” Reedus teased. “It’s going to be a different vibe.”

As for a title, Reedus gave an update during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. He told Kimmel that he was “pushing for a title, but I don’t think it has an official title yet.” 

“There’s a title that I want. To find a title is insane, because there’s thousands and thousands of the most ridiculous choices you have to choose from.” the actor added, confirming “a bunch” of titles were in development, many of which would predictably contain the Walking Dead branding.

“I’m hoping for a certain title. Let’s just think about it. She-Hulk is She-Hulk. Spider-Man’s Spider-Man. Batman’s Batman,” Reedus explained. “So, why not this be, ‘boom boom’? You know what I mean? You see where I’m going with that, without me saying that?” 

Seasons 1-10 and the seventeen episodes of Season 11 of The Walking Dead are available to stream on Disney+. The final episodes of Season 11 will air weekly and complete the trilogy. 

Matt Bailey

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