Doctor Who 60th Episodes – First Teaser Trailer

A new trailer released by the BBC has revealed exclusive footage from Doctor Who’s upcoming trilogy of episodes for the 60th anniversary – following the shock twist ending in Jodie Whittaker’s “The Power of the Doctor” finale. If you’ve yet to watch Sunday’s finale, then do so now, as there will be major spoilers ahead. 

As Jodie Whittaker’s thirteenth Doctor bowed out from the series following a showdown with the Master, her regeneration was a high talking point of the episode. With many fans likely anticipating the arrival of Ncuti Gatwa, cast as the fourteenth incarnation earlier in the year, few were expecting David Tennant to come out the other side of the regeneration. 

In an exclusive teaser released on the official Doctor Who Youtube channel, Tennant clambers out of the TARDIS. “I don’t know who I am anymore,” he says. If he’s confused, then think of the fans. Tennant has become the first actor in the show’s 59-year-history to play the role twice. 

The more eagle-eyed viewers would have noticed that Tennant has regenerated into a brand-new outfit, breaking the tradition of emerging in their predecessor’s outfit. It could suggest this particular regeneration has not gone entirely according to plan. Plus, this does make Tennant, chronologically, the fourteenth incarnation, despite previously playing the tenth from 2005-10. 

As for the rest of the teaser, Tennant stands on a high street amid chaotic scenes while Neil Patrick Harris’ unidentified villain lingers in a top hat and tux, giving a sinister wave to the camera. Blink, and you’ll miss it, but Donna is in the trailer too, standing inside what could be a brand-new TARDIS interior, and on a suburban street, a Land Rover explodes and lands roof up on a car. 

Then we see, for the first time yet, our first glimpse at Ncuti Gatwa’s fifteenth Doctor. “Will someone tell me what the hell is going on here?” he asks. Pretty much sums up what every fan is thinking right now.

Matt Bailey

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