Dexter: New Blood Full-Length Trailer Promises A Big Reunion

A full-length trailer for Dexter: New Blood has been released, and some huge questions from the last series look to be answered. Most importantly among which, is the whereabouts of Dexter’s son, Harrison.

Jack Alcott, cast as Dexter’s teenage son, appears in the final seconds of the trailer, turning up unannounced at his father’s home, much to Dexter’s surprise. Let’s break down what else the trailer has to offer. 

In the opening, nervy moments of the trailer, Dexter is instructed to pull over by police, while it appears a meat cleaver sits in a holster on the passenger seat, (symbolic of his dark passenger perhaps?). What appears to be a routine stop and search results in Dexter and Angela sharing a kiss, confirming that to some extent, Dexter has started a relationship with the town’s Chief of police, Angela Bishop, (Julia Jones).

Within the town of Iron Lake, where Dexter has now deeply embedded himself as Jim Lindsay, he’s sharing banter with the local kids about football, sharing cakes with the regulars in his shop, and dancing at bars. But this wouldn’t be Dexter without a bit of murder, missing people, and an antagonist with a penchant for picking up female hitchhikers and hunting them at night with a sniper rifle.

According to Bishop, there are no clues to those missing, and you can already see Dexter’s lizard brain begin to tick into action. With a rising body count throughout Iron Lake, it’s becoming clear Dexter’s dark passenger will be making a return. 

The trailer is further littered with subtle clues to the season’s big bad, Kurt Caldwell, (Clancy Brown). He can be spotted at a crime scene right beside Dexter and in a series of crime scene photos that Dexter’s reimagined sister Deb examines on a living room floor, who reprises her role following her death in the series’ original finale.

Dexter: New Blood will premiere on Showtime on November 7, 2021, from 9pm. Alongside Hall and Carpenter, the series further stars Alano Miller and Johnny Sequoyah.

Matt Bailey

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