Jennifer Carpenter Reprises Deb In Dexter Revival Series

A behind-the-scenes preview for Dexter: New Blood confirms the return of key cast members and promises some answers to Dexter’s fate in what has been teased by its showrunners as a “controversial” series. 

Jennifer Carpenter will be reprising her role as Debra Morgan, despite her character being killed off in the show’s series finale. Deb, Dexter’s sister and closest friend with a penchant for obscene swearing will be returning to the series as an imagined version of Debra in Dexter’s mind.

Previously, while Deb was still alive, the role had been fulfilled by James Remar as Dexter’s adopted father, who served to guide Dexter in his decision-making and internal thoughts. It’s a neat way to bring back such a beloved character, and in truth, the show would never feel the same way without Carpenter. 

Michael C.Hall, who reprises his role as Dexter Morgan and serves as an executive producer, explains that the show will answer “some questions” regarding Dexter’s fate following the panned finale. Despite spending the best part of a decade striving to establish a normal life for himself, Hall teases that “something’s probably got to give”. This is hinted at through the footage teased in the preview that Dexter’s back to his blood slides, despite giving them up during Season 7 after Deb discovered his dark secret, and for a brief moment, Hall can be seen driving a knife into a new victim. 

Clyde Philips describes the revival series as a means to show Dexter’s “evolution” as he builds a new life in the fictional town of Iron Lake, but calls the series “satisfying and controversial”.

Dexter: New Blood will premiere on Showtime on November 7, 2021, from 9pm. Alongside Hall and Carpenter, the series stars Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, Jack Alcott, and Clancy Brown, who is set to play the series’ antagonist. 

Matt Bailey

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