Christopher Lloyd As Rick In Live-Action Rick and Morty Clip

A 14-second teaser from Adult Swim brings together the universes of Rick and Morty and Back to The Future, and the results are rather uncanny. In the small clip, seen further down on Twitter, dubbed “C-132”, Doc Brown actor Christopher Lloyd, and IT’s Jaeden Martell emerge from a portal into the family garage as Rick and Morty.

“Morty, we’re home,” Lloyd announces, before belching. In an equally predictable response, Martell looks sheepishly at his grandfather, followed by his characteristically signature line, “Jeez.”

There’s no indication if this mock-up scene is simply fan service or a part of a larger story, in this case, the long-awaited Season 5 finale of Rick and Morty. However, if you’re eager to take a peek at the upcoming episode, Adult Swim today released the first two minutes. 

The Cold Open involves Morty travelling between a range of exotic worlds and generally cleaning up disasters created by Rick, later returning to the garage and accidentally pouring portal fluid onto his hand. Moments later, a portal opens in the palm of his hand before he’s met by someone on the other side who remarks “you got some of that green stuff on you too.”

The fifth season so far has seen Rick host a dinner party for his arch-nemesis Mr. Nimbus, a confusing episode in which the Smith family are hunted by ‘decoys’ of themselves, GoTron ferrets, Rick and Morty disguising themselves as turkeys to receive a pardon from the President, and Rick venturing into Birdperson’s memories.

The final two episodes of Season 5 have been doubled together to create an extended finale, a first for the show. The runtime of the highly anticipated series finale is expected to be an hour. It’ll air on Adult Swim this Sunday, (September 5) at 11pm Eastern time and on Monday in the UK on E4, (10pm). 

Matt Bailey

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