Review: Love, Death and Robots Volume 2 – Shorter and Sweeter

When Love, Death and Robots hit Netflix in 2019 with eighteen episodes, it was a burst of creativity and a unique addition to Netflix’s ever growing catalogue of binge-worthy TV shows. Reminiscing the hit show Black Mirror, Love, Death and Robots is an anthology show where each episode is made by a different team following … Read more

Impression: Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 1 – We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

It’s hard to believe that just one season ago, we still thought this show was about humanity eliminating the titans outside the walls, with the Colossal and Armoured Titans being the final bosses. How wrong we were. After season 3 of Attack on Titan ended with the shocking revelation that an apocalyptic titan event has … Read more

Review: The Expanse Season 5 – Expanding on Character Development

The crew of the Rocinante are back, only this time they have gone their separate ways. In a risky move, season 5 of The Expanse has taken the crew on their own journeys where we learn more about their past, and see how they’ve grown since the show first started. Season 5 brought us closure … Read more

Review: The Mandalorian Season 2 – The High Ground of Television

Season 1 of The Mandalorian was a pleasant fresh take on the Star Wars universe, offering hardcore fans a moment of relief and that maybe Disney buying Star Wars hasn’t been the worst thing to happen to the franchise since Jar Jar Binks after all. However, Season 2 takes the show one step further, tying … Read more

Review: Mank – In Rank With The Classics

Mank tells the story of Herman J. Mankiewicz and his time spent writing Citizen Kane, widely claimed to be the best film ever made. Written by director David Fincher’s father, Jack Fincher, before he died of cancer in 2003, it deviates drastically from David Fincher’s previous works and takes on an entirely new and unique … Read more

Review: The Devil All the Time – Feels Like it Goes On for All of Time

Review: The Devil All the Time – Feels like it Goes on for all of Time

A film with Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan and Robert Pattinson, branching storylines not unlike Pulp Fiction, the director of Christine, and Jake Gyllenhaal as a producer? It sounds brilliant on the paper but unfortunately failed to live up to its hype. The Devil All the Time is an adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock’s 2011 novel … Read more

Review: Tenet – Wait, Can We Rewind That Bit?

Review: Tenet – Wait, Can We Rewind That Bit?

We’ve had dreams within dreams, a father communicating with his daughter in the past using gravity, and a man with the memory of a goldfish trying to solve a murder. Now Christopher Nolan brings an exhilarating spy movie about an international espionage mission to prevent a mysterious time reversing material from causing World War III. … Read more

Who You Think I Am Review: Not Just a Tale of Consequences

Just months after the release of Universal Pictures’ The Invisible Man, it’s fitting that French drama Who You Think I Am tells the story of an invisible woman, unseen by those around her until she takes on a more desirable online persona. Director Safy Nebbou offers a heartbreaking glimpse into the perpetrator’s side of ‘catfishing’ … Read more