A Barbenheimer Film Is Happening – Wait For The Tagline…

It is officially happening. A Barbenheimer spin-off has entered production, and it has a tagline to either make you weep with laughter or cringe for the population of England. Collectively, we might all cringe.

As announced by JoBlo (per GamesRadar), Full Moon Features, an American film production and distribution outfit led by Charles Band, known for their direct-to-video projects, will helm the crossover concept. If, like many others, you’re sitting here and reading this, it gets better. 

The Barbenheimer film has a synopsis, and as we mentioned before, a tagline for the ages, but we’ll get to that. The synopsis reads: “Deep within Dollsville, a group of fed-up female dolls – led by the brilliant Dr. Barbenheimer – build an atomic bomb. Their mission? To bring down the patriarchy once and for all!”

“But as the battle of the sexes swells, will Barbenheimer and her bevy of beauties end up blowing up more than they bargained for? Comedy, drama, action and Armageddon erupt in Full Moon’s latest freaked out fantasy film, ‘Barbenheimer!’”

Filming is set to begin next month with a planned Christmas 2023 release date, which would be something to add to the present list for Santa. As for the tagline. Here goes:

‘D-cup, A-bomb.’ 

Now that you’ve had a few minutes to laugh yourself silly or cringe to the high heavens, we’d like to ask you for your thoughts on this story. You can reach us in the comments below or via social media.

Will you plan to see Barbenheimer if it receives a commercial release, and what about that tagline? Is it the best or the worst you’ve ever read?

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Matt Bailey

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