The Walking Dead’s Latest Filming Blunder: Another iPhone

In a promotional picture for The Walking Dead: Dead City, eagle-eyed internet goers have discovered a phone-related blunder, and once again, the man involved in the mistake is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Famously during The Walking Dead’s Season 11, the actor was pictured in a scene with an iPhone left astray behind Morgan. 

On this occasion, a phone can be seen poking from his jacket pocket, an item which, unless we’ve missed a crucial flashback at some point during the spin-off, had not been invented since Rick Grimes awoke from his coma all those years ago. Negan is presumably keeping in contact with his old Savior crew in Georgia. The photo, shared on social media, can be seen at the link below. 

In recent memory, we’ve all witnessed our fair share of continuity blunders, from the most subtle to the most alarming. We’ve had the green-screen hand caught during an episode of House of the Dragon, the notorious Starbucks cup left in a shot during the final season of Game of Thrones, and earlier in the year, the hand of a crew member concealed behind a stable gate in HBO’s The Last Of Us

However, these blunders haven’t been enough to take The Walking Dead: Dead City off the air, as the spin-off series set in New York was recently recommissioned for a second season. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also scheduled to star in The Boys Season 4. If we see his iPhone pop by for an unscheduled appearance in the superhero drama, they’ll need to give it a credit. 

What are some of the other most memorable continuity blunders seen on television? If you can remember any that we’ve not mentioned above, then take a moment to drop a comment and tell us your favourites. 

Matt Bailey

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