The Walking Dead Season 11C Teaser Hints At Rick’s Return

The Walking Dead is coming to an end, and for the fans, hope remains that Rick Grimes will make a return. A new teaser has strongly hinted that everyone’s favourite sheriff, played by Andrew Lincoln, could be on the way back. With Season 11’s second mid-season finale closing out yesterday, a short teaser revealed details of what was to come from the third and final part of Season 11’s trilogy. Chief among them is a glimpse of Daryl holding Rick’s iconic Colt Python revolver. 

After Rick famously sacrificed the bridge to prevent a horde of walkers from crossing in Season 9, Michonne later discovered his revolver in an episode during the back half of the season. Since then, Rick’s absence has remained a mystery to those he left behind, but the clues have continued to come in subsequent years. In Season 10, during Michonne’s final episode, she discovered a phone belonging to Rick on a beached military vessel, and a drawing of herself and Judith, Rick’s possible daughter. This led to her leaving to search for the whereabouts of her partner.

With only eight episodes left of AMC’s flagship series, the Commonwealth reigns supreme as Lance Hornsby takes control of Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside. Daryl and Maggie prepare to go to war with their communities against the Commonwealth. Elsewhere, a conspiracy grows within the Commonwealth as civil unrest looms closer. While it’s the end of an era for AMC’s horror drama, there’s more to come from The Walking Dead universe. 

Firstly, there’s Fear The Walking Dead, currently in its seventh season with no signs of slowing down, and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Spin-offs in production include an anthology series, a spin-off focusing on Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Melissa McBride (Carol), and Isle of the Dead, a story set in Manhattan featuring Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan). 

Matt Bailey

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