The Walking Dead Season 11 Casts Ritchie Coster As Pope

Ritchie Coster has been cast as the lead antagonist for The Walking Dead’s eleventh and final season. Coster will be playing a key role as lead antagonist, Pope, when The Walking Dead returns next week on August 22. The name Pope was first mentioned previously in “Home Sweet Home”, the first of six episodes added onto Season 10 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic back in April. Pope will be the leader behind the new group the Reapers. 

According to a Twitter post from The Walking Dead World, Coster, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Breaking Bad’s Walter White, and best known for his roles in The TuxedoTrue Detective, and The Dark Knight, heads up the brutal group. Utterly original from the comic book source material the show is based on, these new bad guys look set to spill blood, serving as Season 11’s main antagonists. 

Maggie returned to the series in the season’s original tenth season finale, “A Certain Doom”, where we later learn she and her group, including her son Hershel, were being hunted by a group called the Reapers, who specialised in stealth combat with military training. Pope, it seems, had some connection to Maggie, and it was clear the threat was far from over. Other set photos reveal new characters to be introduced in Season 11, namely Agatha, played by Laurie Fortier, Frost, (Glenn Stanton), and Duncan, (Marcus Lewis).

An official full-length trailer for The Walking Dead’s final season was released back in July. The Walking Dead returns with a two-parter, “Acheron”, on August 22 in the US for its first run of eight episodes on AMC, arriving on Disney Plus in the UK a day later on August 23. The final season will consist of an extended 24 episodes. The second half of the season is due to debut sometime in 2022. D

Matt Bailey

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