The Walking Dead Returns With Trailer For Season 11’s Part 2

The first full-length trailer for the second chapter of The Walking Dead Season 11 has been released, and by the looks of things, the AMC horror drama does not appear to be slowing down. The following will dissect what the trailer delivers, and we’ll begin with the Commonwealth. Considered as the comic book’s final major storyline, the Commonwealth had been teased during the back half of Season 10, before establishing their roots in this last season. 

The trailer confirms the arrival of the Commonwealth Governor, Pamela Milton, (Laila Robins). The actress, best known as Mallory in Amazon Prime’s The Boys, proudly declares that the Commonwealth will be rebuilding the world to the way it was. The Commonwealth soldiers are further seen approaching the walls of Alexandria, with Daryl, Maggie, and Jerry taking up arms and preparing for a fight upon their arrival. Plus, Mercer, the man at the top of the Commonwealth army is for a fleeting moment, seen drenched in blood and guts, donning his striking red suit. 

The first half of Season 11 concluded last October with “For Blood”, and left Maggie, Daryl and Negan at the mercy of the Reaper’s chief weapon, a fifteenth-century style Hwacha, as arrows began to fly and descend onto the group in the Reaper base courtyard. No surprise, the trailer confirms they’ll survive. As for the Reapers, the brutal group of ex-soldiers were left scattered and without a leader, after Pope met his maker in the mid-season finale. 

Leah and Daryl are brooding at each other as they struggle with their feelings while the fight between the Alexandrians and Reapers looms closer to an ending. It’s anybody’s guess, but you could put good money on Leah and the Reaper clan not making it beyond the first episode after the mid-season interval. Meanwhile, Eugene has seen better days as he rots away in a cell, the mystery behind Stephanie promises new twists, and Carol is back to baking cookies, proving it’s not all doom and gloom in the apocalypse.

The Walking Dead Season 11 returns to AMC on February 20, 2022, with eight brand-new episodes.

Matt Bailey

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