The Boys Season 4 – Maeve And Soldier Boy Could Return

Eric Kripke has teased that The Boys Season 4 could see the return of Queen Maeve – and potentially Soldier Boy too. If you’ve not caught up with The Boys Season 3 – this article will divulge some major spoilers. So you were warned. Onwards. In an interview with Deadline, Kripke revealed that they wouldn’t “reach the end of the series without seeing Maeve again. I’m hoping we see Soldier Boy again.” 

In the Season 3 finale, Maeve appeared to sacrifice herself to save others from Soldier Boy – who was pushed out of Vought Tower moments before he released a powerful energy blast. However, in one of the episode’s many twists, Maeve survives the explosion and goes into hiding with her partner Elena. Kripke says that in order for Starlight’s character to “truly grow, we needed to take away her protector.”

“It started to become sort of narratively difficult because every time she was really in a tight spot, you know, Maeve could show up and kick some ass, and we sort of need Annie to be in a position where she might be in real danger if she can’t figure it out for herself.”

As for Black Noir, who tragically met his fate in the Season 3 finale (killed by a fist to the stomach courtesy of Homelander), when asked if the mute supe was dead, Kripke teased that the “particular individual who is Black Noir is dead.” However, he added “when you have a completely silent, completely masked-clad hero, they’re reasonably easy to recast.”

The Boys stars Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Laz Alonso, Tomer Kapon, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Jensen Ackles, Karen Fukuhara, Dominique McElligott, Simon Pegg, Chace Crawford, Jesse Usher, Colby Minifie, and Giancarlo Esposito. All three seasons are available to watch now on Amazon Prime.

Matt Bailey

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