In Praise of Martin Scorsese’s Continued Curiosity for Cinema

In the spring of 1990, an 80 year old Akira Kurosawa walked onto the stage of the 62nd Academy Awards and was handed the coveted trophy by a relatively young George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg; an honorary award trophy given to the legendary filmmaker for all that he had contributed to the world of cinema … Read more

The Success of ‘Barbenheimer’ is Good for the Future of Movies…Hopefully


When Tom Cruise isn’t nearly dying in a Mission Impossible, or Vin Diesel isn’t milking out another Fast & Furious, or Chris Pratt isn’t fighting off a terribly CGI’d velociraptor in another Jurassic World, Disney are the ones topping the global box office charts—and have been for over a decade. Whether it be through some … Read more