Charlie Kaufman Slams Hollywood Studios, Unambitious Writers, And Careless Consumers

Charlie Kaufman | Credit: NYT

The Writer’s Guild of America have been on strike for more than one hundred days, making it one of the longest in the industry’s history. Per Variety, representatives from the guild met with film studio heads last week to negotiate offers for the first time since May, and the WGA are slated to respond later … Read more

The Film Industry is on the Edge of a Precipice

On January 16th, 1960, the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) began striking against the Alliance of Television Film Producers (ATFP, now known as AMPTP). A few months later, the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG, prior to their merger with AFTRA in 2012) would follow suite in a strike of their own. As outlined by Megan Mccluskey … Read more

The Success of De-Aging Harrison Ford in ‘Dial of Destiny’ is Concerning for the Future of Deepfakes in Movies

“Movies are a way for an actor to be immortal” was a phrase said by my film studies teacher in college. Whether it’s a phrase he’d taken from someone else or made up himself I’m not sure, but it stuck with me. I find myself being reminded of it whenever my wife and I spend … Read more